Where’s the “My Computer” Button?

On the Mac there is no “My Computer” Button by default. But as Blogger Dave Taylor describes you can make one for yourself if you really miss it. See his post on the matter below.

Hey Dave is there anyway we can have the “Computer” icon show up on the desktop, and the Hardsisks mounted within this folder. Much like Windows? Coz I have too many partitions (3 Harddisks with almost 5-6 partitions on each disks)

This is a really great question and the solution is easier than you may think. The first step is to make sure that all your hard disks and partitions show up on the Desktop (at least for the duration of creating your Mac version of My Computer). You can do that by following the steps detailed here: Move the hard disk icon onto the Dock.

Once they all show up on the Desktop, simply create a new folder on your desktop called My Computer by using File –> New Folder or pressing Cmd-Shift-N for the keyboard shortcut. Open up the folder, then you should see something like this:

My Computer, simulated on Mac OS XNow you simply want to drag all of your hard disk icons from your Desktop into that folder, like so:

Dragging hard disk icons into a folder in Mac OS XNow when you open up the folder, like magic, there are aliases for each of your hard disks:

My Computer, simulated on Mac OS XFinal step: go back into the Finder and turn off all those pesky Desktop icons by selecting Finder –> Preferences… and clicking on the General tab:

Mac OS X Finder Preferences: GeneralThat’s all there is to it. You now have a folder on your desktop called “My Compute” that will let you have quick access to the dozens of different drives and partitions you’ve installed, without having them all clutter up your desktop.Note: I wanted to demonstrate the Mac’s slick “Smart Folder” capability to solve this, but it has a bug in the selector Type Volume that it doesn’t choose partitions that are foreign file system formats (e.g., “Boot Camp”). Hopefully that’ll be fixed or they’ll add a “Device” type because then you really could have a dynamic My Computer that would expand or contract based on what devices and volumes you had mounted at that moment, including CDs, DVDs, iPods, digital cameras, etc.

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