What to do with the Apple Remote

remoteOver at the Macworld Mobile Mac they have writen a very good artical for some uses of the small remote that Apple has given us with the purchas of a new intel Mac. Below is an excerpt from the artical. For the full artical Head over to the Macworld Mobile Mac blog.

One of the unique features of Intel-based Apple notebooks—the MacBook and MacBook Pro—is the included Apple Remote. Using this small, iPod-shuffle-like accessory, you can control Front Row, turning your laptop into a portable entertainment system. Outside of Front Row, you can use the remote to control system volume, iTunes playback, iPhoto slideshows, and even Keynote presentations. And in cooperation with third-party software such as iRed Lite, Sofa Control, Mira, or Remote Buddy, the Apple Remote can do much, much more.

But to use the Apple Remote, you have to be able to find it—a challenge in itself, as many an Apple notebook owner will tell you—and you need to actually have it with you. I recently looked at two very different approaches to this minor mobile dilemma.

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