What Time is the March 9th Apple Watch event?

If you are like me, and don’t live on the west coast, every time there is an Apple event I have to head over to google and do a time conversion search. Here is a little chart to help those of you who are not on Apple time.Google Time Conversion

Eastern Time: 1pm

Central Time: 12pm

Mountain Time: 11am

Pacific Time: 10am

Hawaii Time: 7am

London: 5PM

Berlin 6PM

Moscow: 8PM

If you want to watch it live with out commentary then you can watch the apple stream form an Apple TV or the Safari web browser.(Apple Live Stream) If you would like to have commentary while you watch you can check out the live stream at Twit.tv with the MacBreak Weekly folks. (Twit Live)If you can not watch the event but would like to follow along with a live blog then I suggest you check out The Verge.( The Verge Live Blog)

I have been waiting to see what Apple can do with the watch since the Pebble came out over a year ago. I hope that they are shipping today. I am also excited to see where they are going with the MacBooks.
I am warming up my credit card, I hope Apple ships all this today!

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