What Color is That Site Using?

DigitalColor MeterHave you ever been on a web site and seen a color that you might want to use for your site or other publication? I know that I have tried to match colors for several different things over the years. Well the answer is DigitalColor Meter. DigitalColor Meter is in the Utilities Folder by default in OS X. When you open the program it will display a small box, that is a zoomed in view, and the RBG As Percentage. You will notice a small black box inside the small box, The area that fills this black box is the color that the values on the left represent. To use the application:

  1. Open Digital Color Meter from the Utilities folder.
  2. Drag your curser over the area you want the code for,make sure that the color you want is inside the little black box.
  3. To make sure the color does not move type Command + L, This will lock the position.
  4. To get the Hex Codes drop down the box just above the RGB boxes and select RGB As Hex Value, 8-bit. This will display 3 values for you, one in each R,G,and B.
  5. This is your code. Take the 3 different number and put them in order of RR(red)GG(Green)BB(Blue) it should be a 6 character string.

In the example below you will see my color is 86CCFE.

DigitalColor Meter

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