Want To See What an iPhone Only Website Looks Like without an iPhone

Have you ever wanted to see what one of the iPhone only websites look like? With Safari you can. First, you will need to use Safari in the Developer mode. (WAIT ITS REALLY EASY I PROMISE DON’T LET THE DEVELOPER MODE SCARE YOU) To use the developer mode in safari all you have to do is open the Preferences menu in Safari and click on the Advanced tab.

Safari Advanced Preferences Menu

Just check the box “Show Develop menu in menu bar” and close the preferences.

Now for the iPhone part. Drop down the Devlop menu and hover over “User Agent” and then click on “Mobile Safari 1.1.3 – iPhone. Now navigate to the site you want to see on an iPhone. I tested with Amazon.com because it looks totally different than the main Amazon site.


  1. Dave Huston

    Is there a way to do the opposite? I’ve run across several sites on my iPhone that force me to use a mobile version that either doesn’t work or doesn’t work well and won’t allow me any option to use the normal version of the page.

  2. basil

    This doesn’t do anything of the sort. All it does is advertise the iphone user agent.

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