Use MobileMe Push Email With Any Email Address

MobileMeI have been searching for a way to make my google hosted e-mail to “push” via MobileME. I found this tip on Mac OSX Hints Page.

You can set up MobileMe to use any email address as a ‘push’ email on the iPhone. The first thing you need to do is set your non-MobileMe (.Mac) email address for auto-forward to your MobileMe (.Mac) account. When you create the email account, make sure you set it up as Other (not as a .Mac or MobileMe account.) Then select IMAP as the type of account. Enter the name and auto-forwarded email address. (This is the email address that will show as the “From” email, even though you’re using your MobileMe account.) For your mail server settings, use your MobileMe settings: * Incoming settings: o Host Name: o User Name: MobileMe user name o Password: MobileMe password * Outgoing Settings: o Host Name: o User Name: MobileMe user name o Password: MobileMe password * Advanced: o Use SSL – On o Authentication – Password o Server Port – 587 Now you’re able to receive ‘push’ email from your non-MobileMe account, and reply without using the address. (You can use those same settings in the Mail App as well.)

I will be trying it as soon as I can access MobileMe and get it all set up.

UPDATE: According to some of the comments here and on the Mac OSX Hints Page this may not work as eaisly as thought. You can give this a shot but it may or may not work for you.


  1. Peter Lemmich

    You might want to read the comments following the post you mention at MacOSXhints. Turns out the idea doesn’t quite work as intended…

  2. Ken

    The Loa PowerTools app mentioned there ( – which I have a connection with) works for MobileMe on the desktop or laptop though. Not on the iPhone yet.

  3. Ulf

    The push works fine but the reply will be using your mobileme address instead of the address the email was sent originally to.
    The only way to make your replies using your non-mobileme address would be to configur your non-mobileme provider for outgoing mail. The problem with that is that the reply will not show in your “sent” folder on MobileMe.

    I haven’t found a solution yet. A real shame…

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