Use Keyboard to “Don’t Save”

Over at The Apple Blog, There is a good article and some real good comments about how to keep your hands on the keyboard to select the don’t save option when closing a document. The 1st comment by “Dave” says that if you hit the space bar when the dialog box comes up then what ever has the “blue glow” will be executed.


Check out the entire artical after the jump.

The Apple Blog Article
Undoubtedly, everyone’s closed a file that hadn’t yet been saved, and gotten the dialog box asking if you’d like to save the file before closing and losing its contents. In most cases this is probably a nice reminder, but there are enough occasions where I was using a text file or an image file temporarily and had no desire to preserve it any further.

I’m definitely more a keyboard-jockey than a mouse user – I just feel more efficient with my hands on the keys is all. So it can be annoying when I have to move my hand to the mouse and click the “Don’t Save” button in those warning dialog boxes. True enough, that hitting the ‘Tab’ key cycles through those button options, but in my experience, hitting ‘Enter’ when over the button you desire is flaky at best.

So in the event you want to choose the ‘Don’t Save’ button (from your keyboard), hit CMD-D (assuming the ‘D’ stands for ‘Don’t’). You should actually be able to use this tip for most warning dialogs, swapping out the ‘D’ for the first letter of whatever button you want to choose. It’s worth mentioning too, that hitting CMD-D executes that selection immediately, not requiring an extra keystroke to hit ‘Enter’.


  1. Mike

    I did a quick search “selecting dont save button on mac with keyboard” and your article came up and saved my sanity today.. thanks for posting this.

  2. Chris Crawford

    thanks. tab doesn’t seem to work at all for me

  3. Kat

    This has been bugging me for absolute ages, I have no idea why it has taken me so long to search for a solution.

    Thank you!

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