Use a Smart Folder to get to your Most recent Applications

As I told you in an earlier post i am trying to better organize my Mac. I found this little tip to make a Smart Folder to access your most recent applications. I have mine set for 3 days but you could use what ever.

Go to the Finder Menu and Select “New Smart Folder” then use the following:

  • Where: Computer
  • Kind: Applications
  • Last Opened: Within Last 3 Days (You can change the number of days if you would like)

Smart Folder

I have a normal icon view, so I can see visually what I want, instead of the usual menu list. You could do the same for Documents (or whatever), too. No doubt many will say “yea, but why don’t you use app X to do this?” Well, I like to use OSX as-is wherever possible.

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