Turn Off Hyperlinks in Pages

I have begun using Pages more and more lately to make some really nice documents. So far there has only been one thing that really ticks me off about pages. When I type in an e-mail address or a Website I automatically turns it into a hyperlink.

Well after a bit of searching I found out all you need to do is turn this “feature” off Once you have Pages open navigate to the Preferences. Click on the Auto-Correctin icon and look at the 4th check box down. To get pages to stop making links out of e-mail and websites just un-check the box and click okay. No more hyperlinks in my documents.

Pages Preferences


  1. kevin dennis

    Thanks… but a day late. Just merged a word document with 100 pages of directory information for annual report printing. Once merged, the only way to turn them off is to disable them one by one.

  2. Michael

    Thanks, that’s been bugging me for freaking ages!

  3. Lauren

    Thank you! That saved me some time researching 🙂

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