Quick Way To Send Your e-mail

If you are a user who is trying to use the keyboard as much as you can and keep my hands off the mouse then you may want to learn the keyboard short cut to send a Maill.app message. After yo have typed you message and it is rea to go simply press the Command+shift+D keys and off the message will go.

If you have any other Mail.app short cuts that may help new users please share them in the comments below!

Hide All Windows Execpt The One You Want To Work On

If you are the type of user who opens lots of windows in one space and they start stacking on top of each other (like the picture below)then this tip is for you.

There are a few ways you can get to any of the open windows. You could just start scrolling through them like we showed you about in this article (Switch Between All Open Windows), or you could use expose. For me the best way to start working in the window I want is to use the Option + Command and click right on the window I want to work in. The major benefit to this method is the it will drop all other windows to the back [...]

Apple Keyboard Symbols

This may seem like a simple or even obvious post. But, I have friends who have recently switched to the Mac and they don’t always know what the icons represent in the menus for keyboard shortcuts. I did some searching and couldn’t really find anybody explaining what the icons represent. I thought that was a bit odd so I wanted to get something out there for those few Mac newbies (or maybe even the veterans that still don’t know).

The icons I’m talking about look like this: Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcut Icons

Now, I’ll explain each quickly: