Jumsoft Releases All-in-One Packs for Business

Jumsoft today announces the release of its All-in-One packs, high-quality and professionally designed various types of templates for personal or small business usage. There are three themed packs to choose from - Craft, Elite, and Rich. All-in-One theme packs provide the templates for all the applications customers are likely to need in their business - iWeb, Keynote, Pages, and even Apple Mail.

Jumsoft announces the release of Education iWeb Themes

Jumsoft has just released its Education iWeb Themes with exceptional high-quality design options - Primary, Cool Class, Teens, College, or University. Education iWeb themes are recommended for those who belong to an educational community from the primary school to university level. For Knowledge Day, Jumsoft is offering a great opportunity to purchase one Education iWeb theme and get five other variations.

iWebTemplate adds 5 New iWeb Themes

iWebTemplate has added 5 new additional iWeb templates to its increasing collection. iWebTemplate has collaborated with Jumsoft, iPresentee and 11Mystics to bring you one of the internets largest iweb template/theme collections. These templates are available to use in creating websites, blogs, and podcasts complete with photos, movies, and music.

2hadow Theme for RapidWeaver is now Free

2hadow for RapidWeaver 4, a RapidWeaver theme with considerable history is now offered by seyDoggy as an open source product. It was a variant of 2hadow that, in 2005, launched the theme design career of now renowned 3rd party developer, seyDoggy. Originally developed for RapidWeaver 3.1, the then dubbed "Shadow" was continually upgraded through each version of RapidWeaver that followed.

iWebTemplate Member Area – Hundreds of Templates To Download

iWebTemplate is proud to offer their lifetime membership, providing pre-designed HTML website templates and website tools for you to use in your very own web development. Whether you are building a new website or just redoing an old design. As well as iWeb Templates, iWebTemplate sells regular HTML/Flash templates which don't have those same limitations of iWeb.

Use MobileMe (.Mac) To Host Multiple iWeb Sites

In order to have MobileMe (me.com) host multiple domains you will need to have a basic understanding of how to use domain forwarding. I want to let everyone know upfront that this process may or may not be supported by apple, but it works very well.

For my example I will be using my domain registrar GoDaddy.com, your register may differ bit in the process but for the most part it will be the same.

For this walkthrough I am going to assume that you have not started anything. The first thing you will want to do is register your domains. As I have stated, I use Godaddy.com. If you want to [...]

Use iWeb To Share Your Family Photos

If your family is spread out and the best way for you to share your pictures is on the web then this is for you. I love to share my pictures of my family online but don't like not having the control over them that I may have to give sites like flickr and others like it. In this post I am going to show you how to use iWeb to take total control over how you share your photos online.


iWeb with Godaddy Domain

If you have not done so already you will need to place your personal domain information into iWeb(this is done in iWebs File > Set Up Personal Domain).... Head to GoDaddy.com and log in.Click on my domain names.Click the link for your domain.Click on Total DNS Control and MX RecordsClick on the little pencil to the right of your “www” cname.Change “@” to “web.mac.com”Click OK.When you have finished this anyone who types www.yourdomain.com they will get what you have hosted at you .Mac account.if you want to make it so your users can skip the www part and just type [...]

Professional iWeb Themes

A few weeks a go my wife and I  had our second daughter and wanted to make an iWeb site. Many of you checked it out at ChandlerSC.com. My problem was that I did not want to use any of the built in themes from the fine folks at apple. I searched for just a bit and was pointed to a site 11Mystics. The site Has over 20 "Pay For Templates" and about 5 free ones. I used the free templates named "Baby Pink" . The "Pay For Templates" are very reasonably price for around the 12.00 price point for most. Some are a bit higher but they have a lot of customization in the iWeb area. They are easy to [...]