Control iTunes From The Dock

Have you ever been using an application when a song came on in iTunes you would rather not hear? Or re-play the last song just one more time? I found a little trick the last time I right click on the iTunes icon in the doc. A complete menu pops up looking like the one below. You can use this to control iTunes in any way you need. It even tells about the current song playing.

New Sidebar Item For You

We have just added a new side bar item for you from amazon. If you use amazon to buy your music and then move your songs to itunes. Then please help us out by using the side bar to buy the song you want. It is very easy to use. Just click the play button on the widget and a listing of the top songs will show up. Run through the listings and pick the songs you want. if you want to preview the song just use the small play button. If you like it hit the buy button and amazon will take care of the rest.

Let us know in the comments if you have any problems with the service. I hope you enjoy the [...]