NetSketch 1.1.0 Now Available on the App Store is pleased to announce the release of NetSketch 1.1.0, the popular collaborative drawing application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. NetSketch is a full-featured vector drawing app and allows you to sketch in real-time with friends on multiple iPhones. NetSketch allows you to draw on the iPod's screen using a full range of colors and brush sizes. It is the only iPhone app to render drawings in a scalable vector format independent of the size of the iPhone's screen.

Software Tracking Site iusethis Adds Support for iPhone Apps

The popular software tracking website, iusethis, has expanded its reach to iPhone users today. Members can now submit, browse and vote up iPhone applications. Due to its use of modern technology, iusethis is in a position where it can quickly develop new features, and is the first major software directory to support Apple iPhone. A democratic web application like iusethis gives a better overview of popular applications, as well as a better opportunity to see trends.