Marware announces Sidewinder Deluxe for iPhone 3G now shipping

Marware is pleased to announce the Sidewinder Deluxe for the iPhone 3G is now shipping. The Sidewinder Deluxe is the most complete carrying and cord storage solution available in a single product. A sleek smart holster, a retractable sidearm cord winder, and a sleek stand-alone scratch-resistant clear Flexi-Shell case are all included in this versatile product. As an added feature, the Sidewinder Deluxe holster works with Marware's Sport Grip for the iPhone 3G.

REVIEW: Shades iPhone/iPod Case

The nice folks over at Shades sent us a box of assorted cases for all of the current generation iPods and the First Generation iPhone. I have put them on my iPhone and my parents' iPod Nanos. I also had my very picky brother put one on his iPhone to see what he thought.

Right out of the box I was glad to see that the makers of Shades did not ship me the case with a bunch of hard to open packaging. This is very important to me because when I get something and have a hard time getting it open it just frustrates me. The case is a bit hard to describe but I am going to give it my best shot.

Naked iPhone Case

This case is one of the best I have seen for the iPhone. My biggest complaint with almost all of the cases that are out there for the iPhone are to bulky and they don't protect the most important thing the face. Well Case Mate has come to the rescue with this kick @$$ case. The case is totally clear and surounds the entire iPhone in plastic. The plastic piece that covers the screen allows your touch to go right through. The video below describes how it works real well. I have ordered mine and the company says it will take a bit to get me the case because they are overwhelmed with orders.