Quick Tip: Use Keyboard to Move from Tab to Tab in Safari


If you are a keyboard junkie as I am striving to become then you really need to know how to move from tab to tab in Safari. All you need to do is use the Command + Shift keys and then add the left or right arrow to move from left to right. 


NOTE: This is not the same as Firefox, in Firefox you can only use the Keyboard for the first 9 tabs.  You need to use Command + 1-9 for the tab you want to open. Example if the tab you want is 5th in line then use Command +5. 

I like using Safari better for this reason alone.


  1. Josh

    By default you can move through these by typing Command+} and Command+{ but that requires the shift key. I rewrote the setting to just use Command+[ and Command+] so no shift key required. You can always change your keyboard settings in System Preferences. Just tell it what command you want to change and enter a keyboard shortcut. Easy and done! 2 keys > 3 keys

  2. Himanshu Chopra

    use control+tab to move to right side tab.,.,. and usecontrol+shift+tab to move to left side tab

  3. processor93

    FYI make sure you’re not in a form field when trying to do this or it doesn’t work, instead moving/selecting inside the form.

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