REVIEW: Shades iPhone/iPod Case

The nice folks over at Shades sent us a box of assorted cases for all of the current generation iPods and the First Generation iPhone. I have put them on my iPhone and my parents’ iPod Nanos. I also had my very picky brother put one on his iPhone to see what he thought.

Right out of the box I was glad to see that the makers of Shades did not ship me the case with a bunch of hard to open packaging. This is very important to me because when I get something and have a hard time getting it open it just frustrates me. The case is a bit hard to describe but I am going to give it my best shot. Without the iPhone in the case it looks like a clear flexible plastic wrapper (unless you buy one of the many color choices they offer). There are small cut outs where the earphone jack, camera, and vibrate switch are. The case has an opening at the bottom that you use to slide the iPhone in and out of. I want to make sure I mention that this case covers the screen and allows your finger touch to go right through. See my pictures to get a better understanding on how it looks.

I unwrapped the case from the simple packaging and wanted to try to do it without the use of any direction to see how easy it was to put on. Well, to my surprise, it was the easiest case I have used yet. The opening at the bottom has 2 small slits on the side that help you open the case up just a bit that allows you to slide the iPhone right in. My only concern was how the plastic hit the screen. The case fits very snug which caused the screen to show a few air pockets. I have not been able to get all of them out. This only bothered me until I turned the phone back on though. When the screen is dark the bubbles are very noticeable, but as soon as you tap a button and slide to open the screen pops up and you can’t even tell the bubbles are there. I feel sure that if I really work the case the bubbles would disappear but they really don’t bother me, and the protection my iPhone screen now has, is worth every single bubble I can see.

I must say that the case is not as easy to get off as It appears to be. When my brother tried to take his off he ended up having to cut it off. He did not like the case but then again he does not like to have any case on his phone mostly because he likes to use the dock and this case does not fit into the dock very easy. It will fit If you work with it a bit but that’s just not my brother. (I spoke with Ryan at Shade Cases and he told me that this problem has been corrected and the cases now work very well with the docks). When I took the case off it did take some time and a bit of figuring out how to remove it. What I had to do was push the phone out from the top, not pull it out from the bottom. It took me less than 5 minutes to get the case off and back on.

As far as my parent’s nanos they really like the cases. My dad runs with his and said he feels much better having the case on it so if he does drop the nano it won’t get all scratched up.

I was not able to test the iPod Classic cases because I don’t have one to test it with.

If you are in the market for a good case that will really protect your phone but not cost as much as the original iPhone this case is right up you ally. You can order a Shade from the Web site for $16.95 + $3.95 (shipping) = $20.90. I do have a few cases to give away and here is how I am going to do it. If you have a first generation iphone or Current generation iPod, leave me a comment below telling me which case you would like and what ,if anything, I can do to improve my Web site to make it better for you.

Shades does not just have cases for the iPhone and nano, they sell cases for just about every iPod made. The cases work extremely well to protect the ipods. They cost 14.96 to 16.95 depending on which ipod you have. Shades offers cases for ipods back to the 4th generation and all of the Nano’s.

I have spoke with the folks at Shades and the iPhone 3g cases will be out around the end of the month. They are working on them right now.

The Nice folks over at Shades have given us a few cases to give away. I am going to give a case to the first 10 people who comment on this review and tell me which ipod they have. I will then e-mail you in order and tell you the color selection I have for you to pick from. I have cases for the iPod touch,  the current generation Nano, the 80 gig iPod Classic, and of corse the iPhone. Sorry I don’t have any of the new iPhone 3G cases.


  1. Tim Minkov

    These look awesome! I just bought a 2g iphone off of ebay, so I need a case!

  2. Amanda Dyer

    Wow those cases look awesome. My ipod nano is getting so scratched up (I have the current version) So cool that you’re giving some away!

  3. Darrin

    Nice post. I just got my first iphone on iphone friday. Its the 16gb iphone 3G. Very happy with it.

  4. Jason Ehrreich

    I really want one of these cases for my iPhone. I have been waiting and waiting to find some good reviews. It looks like what I want in a case.

  5. Brittney Waddle

    I have been trying to find a good review for this case for a while and i think you did a great job…and by the way i wish my web page looked this classy. Thanks for the info. Hopefully I will get one of those cases you are giving away!!! I also have an ipod classic and i had scratches on the back in the first week. That is my only complaint about those beautiful silver backs. Thanks Again!

  6. Chris May

    Hey, great detailed review! I’d love to try this case out.

    It’s very kind of you to give some away!

  7. Gary

    very informative review. i have a 80 gig classic and would definitely be interested in one of the cases you have if you’re still giving them away.

  8. Rich Rabin

    Thanks for the review – i just bought an 80 gig classic and need to find a good case/skin for it. I’ve been looking for reviews on the best ones and appreciate your insight.

    If you still have one available, I’d be interested in hearing from you…

  9. Brett Carson Singley

    Loved the review and really would like a free one to check out. I’ve got a 16 gig touch.

  10. noir

    this case is exactly what i’ve been looking for. I wanted something to protect the entire thing, but was still thin. I was looking into skins and clear cases, but this looks like the best alternative

    hope i’m not too late!

    i’ve got an ipod classic

  11. Vidyut Sharma

    Hey! It’s great of you to give these away. I think you’re a pretty new website, but you have some great content.
    I hope i’m not too late to get one of these…

  12. Vidyut Sharma

    Oh, and I have an iPod Touch (the one before the software updates)

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  14. Steve M.

    Hello — Thank you for providing a review of the Shades covers for iPods. I just got an iPod Classic 120 Gb for Christmas, and have been searching the internet for sleek cases. I have an iPod speaker system at work that I have used with my old 30 Gb iPod, but have always had to remove the case in order to dock the iPod. Shades claims that thier covers will allow the iPod to dock with accessories such as my iPod speakers, but I am hesitant.

    You mentioned that you had a few covers to give away. If you still have a case for the iPod classic available, I would appreciate receiving one. In return, i would be happy to review it for you. Thank you.

  15. Rico

    Any cases lying around? I have an iPhone 1st gen. (2G)

  16. Phil

    Hey I just bought this as well. I found that the air bubbles have mostly disappeared.. however I noticed the click wheel doesn’t shuffle as fast I would like it too… Do you happen to notice the same thing?

    Hope all is well!

  17. kyle

    i hate my case its hard to get off and on and it rips really easly and bubbles form between the screem and the case when you touch the screen its not worth the price you pay

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