Restore a folder’s view options to default settings

I have most of my folders set to open with the defaults I’ve set for icon size, view columns, etc.; plus a few folders which have their own customized settings. In Tiger and earlier, there was a button on the View Options panel to restore a customized folder to the default view, but we lost this with Leopard. 

To restore a folder to the default view settings in Leopard, open the View Options panel (Command-J, or View » Show View Options) then hold down the Option key. With the Option key down, the ‘Use as Defaults’ button will change to ‘Restore to Defaults.’



  1. Laura Poli

    in view, command J doesn’t work and I don’t have the option of “show view option” I am using a Mac Book Pro.
    Help….I did not change any setting in my mail but today all of a sudden my inbox changed and I now have to double click every e mail to see the content instead of having the screen divided in two as per default. What else can I try?

  2. Joan

    I have the same problem. Any luck?

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