Reset iPhones Cell Connection

iPhone Airplane Mode.pngA week or 2 ago I went to the At&t Store in Greenville to complain about the lousy coverage I have gotten on my iPhone and my wife’s blackberry. The AT&T rep stated that I should be resetting the phone at least once a week if not every day. I asked why and she went into the dissertation she received via e-mail a few month ago and I lost interest very quickly. The gist of it was so the phone will get the most up to date information and make sure that the phone is using the right tower for its signal. So I agreed and reset my iPhone on the spot. I really did not expect it to make any difference but it did. My only problem is the time it takes to reset the iPhone. Then I had an idea, what if I just put the phone on Airplane mode for a second? That would make it drop and regain its signal. IT WORKED!!!

Getting the iPhone into airplane mode is very simple just go the settings button and move the very top sider to turn “ON” Airplane Mode, wait a second or two and the slide it back to off.