Remove Preference Pane Applications


Have you ever installed a Preference Pane Application and wanted to remove it? What is a Preference Pane Application? It is an app that when installed is found on the bottom of the System Preferences application. If you you the app “RCDefaultApps” that we spoke about before, This is such an application. See the tutorial below.

The process to removing the app is really an easy one. All you need to do is open the System Preference Application. from the apple icon on the top left corner of the menu bar
System Preferences

Navigate to the Preference Pane item you wnt removed and Right Click (cmd click) and click on the Remove option.

That’s it, the application is removed.


  1. Joe Russo

    cmd-click is wrong. Control-click is correct.

  2. Erik Giberti

    Thanks so much – I have been wondering how to do this for some time now. I installed some software today that didn’t work but installed itself as a preference pane, but now it’s all good.

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