Remove old Time Machine Backups form Time Capsule

If you need to delete a Time Machine Backup .sparsebundle file from your TimeCapsule, use the following procedure:

  1. Right Click the .sparsebundle file you want to delete and select “Show package contents”
  2. You will see a folder named “bands” that contains all the backed up files. Please note that opening this folder to show its contents takes a VERY long time. The folder will look empty for some time while it loads ( min were 4+ min). You really need some patience to let the file list appear. But when following these steps, you won’t need to do this.
  3. Open and type: sudo rm -rfd     following the path to the bands folder. To add the correct path, simply drag and drop the folder into the Terminal window. The result should be something like this:
    sudo rm -rfd /Volumes/FOO/BAR.sparsebundle/bands

    Then hit enter.

  4. Now go to a movie, write  love song, or what ever else takes up a lot of time. This delete will take a while. It depends greatly on the sixe of the backup.
  5. After the task is complete you just have to delete the sparsebundle. DONE!

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