Reader Question: How Do I Make A Distribution List in Mail?

I received a question from a reader today asking me how to set up a distribution list like he had on his Windows machine with Outlook. My response to his was this:

  1. Make sure that you have an Address card in Address Book for each of the people you want on the list.
  2. Create a New Group by selecting the “+” button under the Group area.
  3. Name the Group like you did in Outlook.
  4. From your Address Book entries Drag and Drop the names of the people you want in the Group to the group name.
  5. Now open up Mail and in the “TO:” Field type the name of the Group you created.
  6. Type your e-mail and Press Send.

I hope this helps him and you out.


  1. Gert Van der Linden


    That works fine but leaves all the adresses visible to the receiver, something I would like to avoid. How can I do that?


  2. aarrgh

    What is a address card? I can’t find de + under the groups area. please help :S

  3. Arthur Shaw

    Same as above the group area only has contacts under it nothing else

  4. lynda

    Can you create a distribution list from someone else’s email? Someone sent me an email with many addresses. Rather than sending a reply all email I’d like to create my own distribution list from the email I received. Is that possible?

  5. Adam

    In Outlook 2007:

    Click the contacts tab.

    Click the down arrow by ‘new’.

    Select ‘Distribution List’.

    Add the contacts that you want in the Distro. You can use ‘Add new’ to add names not in your contacts or you can use ‘Select Members’ to add from your contacts list.

  6. Cory

    Can you do the same thing on a mac?

  7. alex

    I have the same question about how to do this on a Mac

  8. Poptastic

    Yes, I have the same issue. I’ve been using Mac’s for almost 3 years and there are a few aspects of the Mac software which are absolutely A1 5h1t – as far as I can see this task, which should be oh-so-simple, is one of them.

    Can anyone help?

  9. WI Hoosier

    If you go into Mail>Preferences>Composing:

    Unclick the “When sending to a group, show all member address”

    Hope this helps.

  10. Dave Mclean

    And this is why Apple will never amount to a hill of beans in the business computing world. IT departments hate Apple, users get frustrated when using Apple in a business environment. Basically, Apple is good only for easy home use where people want to surf the net and watch movies and stuff, but is no bl00dy use for anything more serious.

    For some reason we have been moved over to Apple in work and it causes almost universal frustration for a year now.

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