Publishing websites without .Mac!

As a follow up to the .Mac ical replacement we postedIi found this again at the A New Mac Tip Every Day Weblog. This one is not as easy but it is also a good way to beat the 79.99 of .Mac (if you buy it from This does not really replace what .Mac gives you in the way of the cool little buttons like the site counter and e-mail. But who really needs that? And is is also very easy to reproduce in code form. Also when I was digging around the internet, I found a really good solution to increase traffic on my website, and is to use services from local SEO companies and rd internet companies! 

Another tip about how to use your Mac without .Mac. iWeb was really created around .Mac and the one-click way of publishing a website is done with .Mac. iWeb is still a fantastic website design application and you can basically do everything without a .Mac account with the “Publish to a folder” function. Apple didn’t really have the choice of including this kind of feature because they couldn’t have advertised iWeb as a full application f it required a subscription. There are still a lot of people who buy .Mac because of this kind of one-click publishing that is much more elegant than being stuck with dealing with the FTP upload of the folder created by iWeb. A developer came to the rescue by creating this cool app that makes publishing to a server other than .Mac that much more easier. The application is “Easy iWeb Publisher 1.4”. You just have to enter the FTP address with the username and password. There are many options, including per example the upload of only the files that changed. You can save this configuration and next time you upload, it will ask you to choose the configuration within a list of your websites. Screenshot:

Easy iWeb Publisher is a free download and it is available here on MacUpdate

UPDATE: Check out the next article on iWeb I put up. Its an in-depth look on how to use it for a photo sharing site. Use iWeb To Share Your Family Photos


  1. Gordon Rouston

    I want to design and publish my web site on my Mac with Iweb, need to have a buy now button from PayPal, contact me at my AOL email address, make changes simply, have control over it. Can this software do that?
    Gordon Rouston

  2. Matt

    @ Gordon – Yes you can because you can use “Web Widgets” to add the Paypal html snippet. If they only give you a pic then just make the pic a link to the area you want it to go to.

  3. Gordon Rouston

    That is great news, thank you sooooo much, my web server-host just conatcted me and informed me that it would cost me 440.00 a month to host if I pay them $1,000.00 to make my site manageable by me, what a joke.

  4. Gordon Rouston

    Another question, SEO, search engine optimization, some web site designers offer his with their service, need to optimize the site, get it out all venues, anyone out there that can offer all these services at a reasonable fee? Thanks

  5. paula griffin

    I can answer any questions regarding publishing iweb sites without .mac, professionally.

  6. Nick Ellis

    I dont get what you have to do when it says upload iweb site to and also when it says folder to publish to. Could somebody help me out?

  7. Vicente

    hello! sorry to bother you but i am quite ignorant to this whole web site building and publishing thing, i have managed to make my web page using iweb but i can´t seem to publish it, my domain is hosted by a company named hostdyme, i have downloaded easy iweb publisher but when i try to publish i says that remote directory does no t exist, i have publised to folder but still i cant publish, can you help me please! thank you so much and sorry for all the troube!@paula griffin@paula griffin

  8. natan Vigna

    is there a way to get something similar for aperture?

  9. Jayne

    I have uploaded my website and have since made changes to the website but cannot drag and drop my new uploaded site into easy iweb publisher. The folder I previously uploaded is still in the dock and cannot be deleted. Can anyone help please?

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