PowerCurl Keeps MagSafe Organized

I am an avid mobile user of my mac, and when I bought the MacBook the only issue I had was keeping the MagSafe power cord organized. About 6 months ago I found the answer to my problem. I came across a new product from Quirky.com. It is called the PowerCurl. What it does is pretty cool and pretty simple. It not only gives you a place to wrap the MagSafe side of the transformer it wraps the power cord side as well. It also helps to keep the transformer area cool by elevating it off of any surface and allowing for better air flow around the MagSafe transformer. I have been using mine none stop with NO issues for the last 6 months or so and can imagine my laptop bag being with out it. Originally the only option was to order this item in the orange, but earlier this week Quirky.com Started to offer the item in 4 more colors. It is available for all sizes of the MagSafe power adapter 60W and 85W models. AS far as this mobile user is concerned this item should be bought by Apple and come in the box. This has change the way I pack my laptop bag gone are the days of just bunching up my MagSafe power adapter and trying to shove it in my bag. I just quickly wrap the 2 ends of the MagSage in the PowerCurl and I am off and running! This is a serious MUST HAVE for every MacBook or MackBook Pro User! If you are interested in one of them Click here to learn more about this simple yet functional accessory.m


  1. alhasib

    It looks like a neat little tool. However correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the MacBook’s power cord already have two “flaps” that come out to wrap the thin part of the cord that has the MagSafe adapter?

  2. Matt

    You are right but the MagSafe by its self will not coil the long power cord side (if you use that).

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