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This is a pretty simple hint, but if you’re like me, and have a number of templates that you’ve created in Pages, you probably wish they were organized in the Template Chooser, rather than being all displayed together in the My Templates section.

You can create your own sub-grouping under My Templates by navigating to your user’s Library » Application Support » iWork » Pages » Templates folder. Here you will see one folder (My Templates) which contains any templates that you’ve already created. You can create new folders at this level, adjacent to My Templates for your new subgroups. Note that you can’t create folders inside of My Templates; they won’t show up in Pages.

In my case, I created folders for each of the companies I work with, and one Personal folder for my own letters. In each folder, I have Letter.template, Invoice.template, Case Study.template, etc. My Personal folder only contains Letter.template.

After creating the folders, simply move your templates from My Templates into the appropriate new folders. You can/should leave the My Templates folder there, even if it is empty. If you delete it, Pages will re-create it anyway — it’s required because it’s the default location for any new templates you create.

If you want to again see all of your templates in the Template Chooser, just select My Templates from the left-side hierarchy. (Any templates left loose in the Templates folder, however, will not be shown, even when selecting My Templates from the Template Chooser.)

Annoyingly, the My Templates folder is always re-created each time you go to save a new template. Once created, this will then show up as another sub-group My Templates in the Template Chooser.

If you’d like to undo this hint, simply move all your templates back to the folder My Templates inside Templates, then delete all of your now-empty subgroup folders. Next time you open Template Chooser, all of your templates will simply appear under My Templates, and there will no longer be any subgroups (including the annoying My Templates subgroup).


  1. Kimberly

    Thanks for the info. I also made an alias of the My Templates folder and have that on my desktop for easy access.
    Thanks again.

  2. Mashikoboy

    I am trying to access a Pages template, and according Pages help, I should be able find it in my home folder in Library/Application Support/iWork/Pages/Templates/My Templates/.

    Unfortunately, my iWork folder in Application Support only contains Content and Frameworks folders but no Pages folder.

    Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place. Can you please advise me about this matter?

  3. SEO-Gers

    That’s because you are on the wrong path. Your path is user/Library/Application Support/iWork/Pages/Templates/My Templates/.
    With user being your user (name) and if you can’t find it perhaps it’s because your library is hidden, so go to your finder, do a find on user/library/Application support and there you go!
    Hope that helps

  4. André Desmarais

    Am having the same problem as Mashikoboy but I’m not quite clear what you mean by being on the wrong path. You suggest: user/Library/Application Support/iWork/Pages/Templates/My Templates/
    but in actual fact, how do I use this address to get to the My Templates folder for Pages? Where am I supposed to type this info to get there?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  5. Dorian

    I was pulling my hair out on this problem, but found the answer at

    In short, open your finder, hold the OPTION key, and select GO from the tool bar across the top. Your LIBRARY will appear half way down the column; select it.

    Now, in your FINDER, select the column view, and follow the prescribed path. I’m a recent Mac convert, but this really worked well. Cheers.

  6. Jay

    Great tip if carefully followed. I was wondering how to do this for a long time. Now my templates are very quick and easy to find. Never thought about Kimberly’s suggestion either as it just makes things even easier.

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