Open A New Tab in Safari

I am an avid Firefox user for mainly one real big reason. You guessed it, the ability to customize it. The one customization I can not live with out is the plug-in called Tab Mix Plus. There are so many things you can do with this plug-in that I would have to spend a week typing to tell you about them all. The main setting I use is “Force to open new tab” and set that to “links to other sites” and then I enable Single Window Mode. You may ask what does this do for me? Well it allows me to open a new link into a new tab so I don’t have to navigate away from what I am reading. The best example I can give is this…. I use Google reader for all my feeds. I like to view all the rss Feeds at once then go back and review the sites and articles that I have clicked on the links to. I have been trying to find away to do this in Safari and have come very close. In Safari Click on a link while holding down on the command (⌘) key.

Do you know a better way? If there is a plug-in for safari that does this could you please leave a comment below or contact us so we can let the rest of us know how. If I can figure this out I will be all about switching to Safari.


  1. Travis

    I’ve programmed my mouse’s scroll button to perform a command-click, so that when I click on hyperlinks they open in background tabs automatically.

  2. Joshua

    ctrl+ i do that and a new tab opens.

  3. Rose

    What was the best result for forcing new windows into another tab and leaving all the tabs open in safari?

  4. Matt

    I’m a mac newbie and this was useful, cheers!

  5. ibrahim

    double click on an empty space beside the last tab.. (but it only works if there was 2 or more tabs already opened)

  6. joe

    @Joshua dude ctrl+ just zooms in

  7. *

    command + T

  8. Nour

    command+t will open a new tab

  9. Gansenmachine

    Command “T”

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