New Google Reader for iPhone

Google\'s iPhone RSS Reader

Last night I was going through my feeds and came across this post from Google.

Google has introduced a new RSS Reader for the iPhone and In the normal Google fashion, it is a Beta. To use it all you will need to do is open mobile Safari on your iPhone or if you want to see what it might look like on your computer before you try it on the iPhone use this tip to do so. (Want To See What an iPhone Only Website Looks Like without an iPhone)

The new reader makes mobile RSS reading even better by showing you the titles in a list view, and instead of opening a new link when you click on the title like the current version of Google’s iPhone Reader does, it displays the article’s text right under the title (very web 2.0). It also allows you to “Star” the item next to the title. After you drop the article down to read its content you can even mark it as “Keep Unread”, “Share It”, or “See the Original” which is a link that will open the original content on a new page. 

Give it  try next time you want to use and RSS reader on the iphone. It has already become my choice for mobile RSS reading. If you like it let us know in the comments and if you hate it let us know why!!


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