Get Parallels for 50 bucks and 10 other applications

MacUpdate Promo today released a bundle that includes Parallels and 10 other great Mac applications. None of the Applications are not crippled in any way. They are full versions of the software just as if you had bought them straight from the Developers Web site. This is more than $400 of great software for 50 bucks. Check out the this video (MacUpdate Promo Spring 2010) to learn more about each application. It does a good job of telling about each application.
Hurry up before the Promo expires on March 31st at 11:59 pm.

So whats is the Pack?

  • Parallels 5 – $80 application – Run Windows, Linux, and more without rebooting.
  • Spell Catcher X – $40 – Global spell check utility.
  • Timeline 3D – $65 – Create eye catching timelines.
  • Hydra – $80 – High dynamic range imaging software.
  • Back-In-Time – $29 – Easy access to all data backed up by Time Machine
  • WebSnapper – $15 – Safari plugin captures webpages as image/PDF files.
  • ForeverSave – $15 – Never lose any documents again.
  • Hyperspaces – $13 – Ultimate way to customize your spaces.
  • MacDVDRipper Pro – $10 – DVD ripping tool
  • MacScan – $30 – Security tool, detect trojan horses and spyware.
  • Bonus app: if you are one of the first 10,000 buyers you will get the bonus Application
  • DVDRemaster Pro $49

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    1. Lungo

      You may want to mention in your article that Parallels 5 is the previous version of the software. Parallels 6 is the current version for sale on the developer’s website.

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