Use MobileMe (.Mac) To Host Multiple iWeb Sites

In order to have MobileMe ( host multiple domains you will need to have a basic understanding of how to use domain forwarding. I want to let everyone know upfront that this process may or may not be supported by apple, but it works very well.

For my example I will be using my domain registrar, your register may differ bit in the process but for the most part it will be the same.

For this walkthrough I am going to assume that you have not started anything. The first thing you will want to do is register your domains. As I have stated, I use If you want to use Go Daddy I would suggest using a coupon code, either GB3 or Todd. These codes don’t help me but they do help podcasters I like to listen to. One you have your domains registered you are ready to get started designing your sites in iWeb. For this example, I am going to use 2 domains I have had for awhile but have never used, and

After you open iWeb you will need to create your 1st site. For my sites I am going to use 2 very different themes that I have on review the’s theme package. For I used the Paradise Bluebird theme (see the screenshot below)

To add the second Site to iWeb, all you need to do is right click in the page area on the left of the program and select “New Site”. For the second MobileMe hosted site I used I decided to use the Business Bright theme from the iWeb theme collection. ( See the screenshot)

Once you have your sites ready to publish, head into the File menu and select “Publish to MobileMe”. The process is pretty straight forward, but it may take some time to complete so go get a soda and come back.

Once the sites are pushed to MobileMe, iWeb will display a message telling you its done. It’s a good idea to use the “Visit Site Now” button on the message. This will give you the information you will need to forward the domain. You will notice it will take you to the first site you setup. For me that was

Now we need to go over to Go Daddy , or your domain registrar. You will need to log into your account and navigate to the domain settings. One you are in the domain settings area click on the domain you are going to forward first. I am going to work on the Paradise site first so I am going to click on the This is what the screen should look like. ( I have blurred out a lot to protect myself.)

Then you will need to hit the forward button on the top. It will display the box as seen below. You will need to copy and paste the entire http: link that iWeb sent you to earlier. Again for me this is Then select the “302 Move Permanently ” radio button. Next you will need to click on the masking tab. You may want to enable masking so that your url will show up as your domain not as the url of MobileMe. If you want the tab to read anything special or you want any extra meta date entered then you should enter it here. Once you finish you will need to click “OK”. This forward may take some time to process, it is not immediate, so give it up to an hour before you get nervous. Test it out and you should see your iWeb site.

Now that we have the first domain forwarded we need to get the second domain done. We will need to get the web address for the second site. It is not hard to get at all it is the same as the first with the difference being the Title of the site. My first was Paradise_Bluebird my second site is Business_bright. That would make the web address All I need to do now is follow the instructions all over again.

I hope each of you are able to get this to work with your registrar, if you have any problems leave a comment below so I can try to help you out.

UPDATE: If you are having an issue with your not going to the new site then you need to make sure that your www. cname is pointing to the at record or @ in godaddy.  if it is not just edit the cname and type @ in the points to area.


  1. Paul Rutowski

    After 3 days of running into brick walls (I have a mobile me family package and 5 different websites) to my chagrin, I hooked up with MobileMe support. Seems the safest route to this is to create USER ACCOUNTS for each Mobile Me Account. For example, the Main Mobile Me Account with the iWeb domain stored in iDisk. 2nd Mobile Me Account with 2nd iWeb domain stored in iDisk. 3rd Mobile Me Account with 3rd iWeb domain stored in iDisk. This way they do not run into each other. Does this make sense and is that really the best way to do it??? I’d like to hear from y’all.

  2. Erin

    You are AWESOME for posting this article!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    After wasting way too much time getting nowhere with both Apple and GoDaddy, your article gave me the answers I needed, and it’s working!

  3. leah perry

    This may be exactly what I’m looking for but before I start, I thought I would run this past you to make sure you agree I’m going in the right direction.

    I have just registered 2 domains. The business will operate off the .com and the .ca just needs to point to it. They’re registered through

    1. According to what you’ve written I could actually host both at mobileme with one pointing to the other, right?
    2. If I need more space than what mobileme offers, can I simply host the .ca at mobileme and have it pointed to the .com at

    Thanks so much

  4. Mesiyah McGinnis

    Well, I think I goofed. I had a functioning website (listed above). But I was trying to create another one. I do so but when I forward it, I lost the previous one. I cant seem to retrieve it or forward that as the forward and masking option wont allow me to preview and I web wont allow me to name it (it was site 1). Really confused. Well the 2nd site ( is up.

  5. Roy Whitten

    Many thanks for putting in the time to help others with this post. I’m still waiting for GoDaddy to process ‘Forwarding’ and to see if this all works for my second iWeb site.

    Great to find this online.


  6. Kelly


  7. Roy


    I have created my site and one for my partner. I have posted both to mobile me and both are sort of working. The forwarding for my site is fine, but on my partners, when I try to go to the URL we brought, instead of going to the site it tries to log into mobile me – the url is correct, as far as I can see…any ideas?


  8. dennis gunn

    I have a domain and I am currently using a web hosting service but the thing I am wondering is if I can move all that to be hosted by mobile me and have it still look however I want to design it.

    Is that possible or am I restricted to apple type designs.

  9. Becky

    Thank you!! This is exactly what I was looking for and you made it super easy and straightforward! You rock 🙂

  10. Tim

    thanks mate this really helped us out.

  11. Randi Russo

    I’m sure this is a stupid question but I can’t seem to find the answer…

    I’ve been hosting my iWeb website through Bluehost because I had been using bluehost for a long time and all my emails come through my personal domain name… obviously, I didn’t want to lose those emails or worse, any NEW incoming emails. …so I stuck with bluehost for this reason since I know that mobileme cannot accommodate for personalized domain-name-related email accounts.

    But, now I’m thinking about using a less expensive email hosting service (or even free through google apps) to handle the email end of things. NOW, this is where I’m not sure of the answer… If bluehost is no longer my host, do I need another host for my website if I DO have a mobileme acct?

    In other words, I’m going to take care of the email aspect through other means, but as far as the actual website goes, is it enough to have a mobileme acct to host it or do you need an outside hosting company still?

    Thanks to anyone who can shine any light… hope my long-winded question made sense!

  12. Renee

    I’m having a similar problem as Roy from Jan 2. What’s the solution? I’ve checked both Go Daddy and Me to be sure I haven’t asked for passwords on the website.
    I had originally had it set up using the personal domain option for Mobile Me and it worked just fine. I’m getting ready to purchase a second domain and want to be able to forward both, each to their own. I deleted the Mobile Me option and set up the first one according to your instructions.


  13. Renee

    Hmmm when I hit the link on my name above, it does take me to the site but at the Mobile Me address. If I type in, I get the password sign in.

  14. Leslie

    Forwarding works but it does not allow me to have multiple urls for my multiple pages of my site. Any advice? I use GoDaddy and they couldn’t seem to help me and said I need to ask Mobile Me and I am not even sure if I can get them on the phone.

    As an example, I want each page, such as or to have a url so that I can link to these particular pages on my blog, my twitter, Facebook, emails etc.

  15. Evelyn Buchardt

    I signed up with MobileMe, then went to iWeb where I deleloped a few pages of my site, then when I went to go publish it I entered my email address But it doesn’t appear to be published and I cannot access it, and though I clicked on notify Facebook there is no mention of it. Obviously I am pretty clueless… 🙂



  16. Nita

    Hi newmacuser — You have given me the confidence to do this. I have had a site for 3 years and I will attempt to publish the second site under my same now.

  17. Dima

    Hi! Thanks for this valuable information.

    When I forwarded my domain name to my page I can view my site when entering the address without www. When I enter with www I am asked to enter user name and password and I get to my account root.

    Any idea how to solve this problem?

  18. Clayton

    Im getting the same “80” login request. Anybody find a way around this yet?

  19. Juliano

    Para aprender a configurar novo domínio para o seu site MobileMe veja o vídeo.

    To learn how setup new domain to your MobileMe site look this video:

  20. Mike

    Still having issues with forwarding. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it asks for usernames and passwords. The youtube video posted above has been removed. Any advice?

  21. rose

    nice article i hope every one get that point thanks

  22. Hung Trung Thinh

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  23. Vickie Tarrant

    Hi, Thank you for offering all this help. I have trouble with a second site I have created on iWeb. I entered the new name on the iWeb new site slot and clicked publish site. Following Visit Site Now I see that the new site has 2 names, including the name of the first site
    I am now looking at my iWeb Site Publishing Settings page. I can put in Publish to:MobileMe, Site name …and contact email for the new site, but there is no ‘next’ or ‘publish’ button there. Apart from ‘Privacy’ and ‘Facebook’ options which don’t apply in this case, there is just a ‘Buy more’ function!
    How do I publish my site 2 under its own name please?
    Many thanks for your help.

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