Move You Menu Bar Items Around Just Like The Dock

Have you every wanted to arrange the Menu Bar items the way you want not the way Mr. Jobs wants them. Its almost as easy as changing the items on the Dock. All you need to go is Command (Apple key for the newer users) + click on the Menu bar item and Drag it where you want it.



  1. John Mahler

    Tryed moving menu items as stated but they bounce back to orginal position . Using Leopard operating system , any suggestions.

  2. Shervin

    nice one mate… thanks

  3. Maurizio

    Wow. Great tip!

  4. Ken

    Using iMac w/snow leopard and doesn’t work for me!

  5. Salaryman Ryan

    Works on the late 2010 Macbook Air on 10.6.5

  6. David

    This usually only works with Mac OS items, not usually with 3rd party apps. Much of the time you can’t actually move them, but you can probably rearrange neighboring icons to shuffle things around.

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