NOVUS More Space LiftTec Arm Review

For about a year I have been doing some freelance work for a local company specia

lizing in custom workspaces. Recently, they became the U.S distributor of a line of products made by a German company, NOVUS. The MoreSpace line of products are highly durable workspace accessories designed to maximize efficiency (They look pretty cool too).

The line of products range from pencil holders to flexible multi-monitor lift arms. I was asked to take home a higher end single monitor arm named, LiftTec Arm III (15-35lbs). Seeing as I am geek about office products, I jumped at the chance. I was excited to see how the arm would change my modest sized IKEA desk into a more efficient and usable surface to do work.

My Home Office
I have a modest sized home office. We (my family) use our workspace to do freelance, pay bills, homework, shop and my youngest son loves to watch Mickey Mouse via iTunes. We have a desktop but I use a laptop to do my work so having plenty of desk space is a must. In my original setup (like most people) my monitor rested on its default stand, and took up quite a lot of valuable space causing lots of clutter.

About 35min, Although I feel sure this depends on your current monitor and how difficult it is to remove it’s current stand. The LiftTec Arm comes with a standard mounting face and screws to attach to the back of your montior. The base of the Arm comes with several different mounts to attach to your desk. I found installation very easy, even though the instructions were lacking in explanation. I really like how the mount is designed to not damage your desk and channels the wires neatly.

After installing the LiftTec I was able to reacquire the space my old monitor stole, storing the keyboard and mouse when not in use. This has made it much better to use other computers on my desk and for my daughter to do her homework.

The Arm has several tension joints, which allow it to move like a real human arm. I am able to adjust the monitor instantly to the best viewing position, whether showing a friend my screen, positioning the monitor out toward the office couch or lifting the monitor up so my 19 month old son cannot try to “grab” Mickey Mouse.

Despite its high functionality, the LiftTec Arm looks at home in our office and adds refinement to our setup.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone needing more space on there desk, or who needs a more dynamic and ergonomic desk. While pricing makes this a more likely candidate for your office at work, NOVUS offers numerous Arms and other accessories at varying price points.

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