More Keyboard Shortcuts

Today’s post over a TUAW pointed me toward a web site that has created a 6 page .pdf document that tells almost every keyboard short cut known to the OS X operating system. the TUAW post is quoted after the jump and the .pdf file isĀ availableĀ for download from Magical Macintosh Key Sequences.
From the TUAW post

“Shawn asks

This may even be a mac 101 type of question, but is there a way to open a file using only the keyboard? Since highlighting and hitting enter just allows you to rename, I haven’t been able to figure this one out.

As you say, the key that you might expect to launch the file (enter or return) instead highlights for renaming. The keyboard shortcuts that will open a file in the Finder is: cmd-o, if you want to open the file and close the Finder window you can use either cmd-opt-o or cmd-opt-down arrow. To my knowledge all of the keyboard shortcuts for OS X aren’t collected together on Apple’s site, so the most convenient resource I’ve found for keyboard shortcuts is the Magical Macintosh Key Sequences page.”


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