Use Quick Look in from the keyboard

quicklook-dropletFor longer than I care to admit I have been using my mouse, or track pad, to Quicklook attachments. Well that stops today. If you have an e-mail with an attachment and want to Quicklook the item don’t reach for the mouse, instead type the Command + Y key. This will Quicklook the attachment just like hitting the space bar does in finder. I hope apple looks at this and changes the Quicklook  in Snow leopard but for now this will help keep my fingers on the keyboard and off the mouse.


  1. Jason Reinier

    Is there a way to quick look at email? I don’t want to open each email to see it. Entourage does this but I have just migrated to mail and I’m not liking the fact that I can’t browse quickly through the emails to see the contents.

  2. James

    thanks for the mail quick look tip. @Jason: if you double-click the bar with small dot at the bottom of the mail viewer window it scrolls up to reveal a message preview pane which shows which ever message is selected. Double click the same bar, which is now above the preview pane, to return to list only view.

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