.Mac Worth the $99 now?

As many of you know I have been a long time .Mac hater. Well today may have just changed my mind. With all the new features that .Mac is now giving us,10 GB storage to start with, it may just be worth the $99.00 a year, 8.25 a month. I realize that godaddy.com hosting is more like 3.99 a month, if you buy a year at one time there is a discount, and you get 100 gig storage and a whole host of other features. But for 8.25 a month you get you an @.mac e-mail address, the new web gallery(which i am very much looking foward to playing with), 10 gig storage, and when leapord ships the Movable mac stuff that was explained in the last Jobs Keynote. The other really nice feature is that it will work better with the new iWeb in ilife ’08. I am not sure if it is worth the money right now but I am sure going to get my moneys worth in the next few weeks when I get my new iLife and iWork applications in the mail. Keep your eyes on the feed and watch for all the stuff .Mac may have to offer.
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