Mac Mini: Now Able to do Dual Screen

Dual Monitor AdapterAfter the folks at Kensington have released the new Mac and PC compatible Dual Monitor Adapter you can use the usb port to connect a second monitor. I have a 2 monitor setup when ever I am in my office and love it. It makes it very easy to keep some things open and not take up space where I am working.

This product will also help out laptop owners who want to have a dual monitor setup and make the one on the laptop not in the pair.

The Dual Monitor Adapter is a bit high in my opinion at 119.00 but I feel sure it will come down as I gains popularity.


  1. John

    You can also use a DualHead2Go to attach a second monitor to your Mac Mini, or connect two external monitors to your MacBook. Unlike the Kensington dual monitor adapter or other USB to DVI adapters, the DualHead2Go device uses your system’s existing graphics card, so you maintain 2D, 3D and video performance across all the monitors.

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