Keep Your Internet Receipts Organized

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If you are anything like me and my family, you buy all kinds of things online. I use Amazon and eBay as much as I can to save a few bucks. The biggest problem for me is what to do with the receipts? Last month at out Mac User Group meeting we were talking about the “Print Options Menu” and there it was a “Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder” option, it was sitting right under the .pdf options button on the bottom right. The first thing that I thought was well where is this mysterious “Web Receipts Folder”? It sits in your Documents folder. It is not there by default unless you have used it before. Next time use use an online store try using the “Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder” option instead of killing yet another tree.


  1. Colin Deuel


    I just stumbled on this blog from google’s blogsearch and thought I’d let you know about the site I found for organizing receipts.

    I started using a little while ago, because when you order things online, you just use your account.

    I think it is preferable to saving every order confirmation as a PDF because you can also store paper receipts as digital images on shoeboxed.

    I send my receipts to them in a envelope, and they scan them and store them digitally on my account.

    When I need them for taxes, I just export the category i need to PDF so that I don’t have to sort anything.

    Thought maybe you’d like my tip… but your idea doesn’t seem bad either.

  2. Teela Brown

    Warning: I just found a comment about this on

    Since it takes the file name from the web browser’s window title, you could overwrite the PDF the next time you visit the same vendor. There is an easy fix: put an alias of your very own receipts folder in the user>library>PDF Services folder, and choose that from the dropdown instead. It will append numbers to files with the same names in that folder instead of overwriting them. There is also a tip about rewriting the script, but the alias idea is a lot easier.

  3. Soco

    i LOVE IT! thanks so much!

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