Jumsoft’s Home Business Trio ’08 for Mac OS X

If you are interested in using your Mac for business then you need to take a look at what Jumsoft has released today. Home Business Trio for Mac OSX is a combination of Money 3.0, Relationship 1.1, and Process 3.0. For a better explanation of each of them see the press release below. I have contacted Jumsoft about doing a review of this product. I hope they let me do one. If you have any questions about the software put them in the comments and I will contact the folks a Jumsoft on your behalf and try to get an answer for you.


UPDATE: I will be doing a review for them. They sent the the info today and I will hopefully have it up for you by the week-end.


Home Business Trio

Home Business Trio

Jumsoft today has released Home Business Trio ’08, a pack of user-friendly applications for small or home-based business for Mac OS X. Home Business Trio ’08 consists of three applications: Money 3.0 for accounting, Relationship 1.1 for customer relationship management and Process 3.0, for project management.

About Money:

Money 3 is an application for personal or small-business accounting for Mac OS X. It helps people to manage their finances effortlessly, providing users with everything they need to create, manage, and develop their budget, accounts, reports, invoices, inventory list, portfolio, and much more. Money 3 is fully compatible with almost all of the standards and key concepts of accounting that allow users to easily take care of these tasks without outside help.

About Relationship:

Relationship 1 helps people organize and manage their contact information, titles (roles, i.e., CEO, Manager, Worker, etc.), campaigns, and resources quickly and easily. It has all the features required for personal or small business uses. It is an easy-to-use and yet powerful application that lets you collect information about your customers, partners, and suppliers; organize contacts by groups and Smart Groups; add custom columns or sub-columns to groups; sync contacts with Apple’s Address Book; manage events; write and send e-mails; manage campaigns for contacts; manage associations; and add attachments and notes to contacts.

About Process:

Process 3 gives users the freedom necessary to be creative and provides the flexible framework needed to get things done. In just one versatile window, users can brainstorm, organize, schedule, plan, coordinate, collaborate – and do the work. With just a keystroke, a user can instantly share a project with all the Macs on a local network. Everyone on the network – colleagues, students, business associates, or family members – can collaborate on the project, downloading and uploading resource documents and more.

System Requirements:

Home Business Trio ’08 requires Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 or later. For more information about Home Business Trio ’08 visit the Jumsoft website.

Pricing and Availability:

Home Business Trio ’08 may be purchased for only $59 USD; a savings of $58 off individual prices of all three applications.

Jumsoft: http://www.jumsoft.com/

Home Business Trio ’08: http://www.jumsoft.com/businesstrio/

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  1. D. Hill

    Was the followup review on this product (see below) ever done? Thanks

    Jumsoft’s Home Business Trio ‘08 for Mac OS X
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  2. Fay Kelley

    what is the cost and do you have a review out yet????

    is this a software to download …. (not a month-to-month subscription) – right?

    Thank you ~ cheers, Fay

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