Jumsoft extends Apple Mail Stationery Pack

Jumsoft announces the release of Stationery Pack for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Mail. With 50 new high-quality and exceptional design options for every occasion, the extended Stationery Pack also includes 50 themes from the previous version. Why not apply letter paper’s ideas to your e-mails?

All of the stationery themes are categorized under “Family,” “Congratulations,” “Invitations,” “Emotions,” “Vacations,” “Seasons, “Sports, “Happy Day” and “Neutral.” This will save you time when looking for a particular event among 100 stationery themes.

The collection of 100 stationery themes is recommended for those who have no time to search for postcards to celebrate particular events, such as greetings, invitations, and regards. It is also very useful for those who wish to transfer the warmth of postal mail to e-mails and reveal their feelings in the most expressive way.

Moreover, everyone can create their own postcards commemorating a journey, a new baby, or whatever they wish and send them in e-mail format to everyone. After you choose the necessary theme, simply drag and drop your photo into the photo area. This is far removed from the boring and time-consuming process of attaching many photos individually.

Creating an e-mail with Stationery is a snap. The Stationery comes with installer, so it will be displayed in Apple Mail New Message stationery menu conveniently. The Stationery requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Mail.

Pricing and Availability:
The Stationery Pack may be purchased for only $39 USD. The upgrade is free!

Jumsoft Stationery

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