iWeb with Godaddy Domain

200709070016Here at the New Mac User we have secured a lot of domain with our hosting Company GoDaddy.com. This past week we wanted to set up one of them with the iWeb personal domain option. We ran into a few snags so i thought i would post how we go it to work. If you have not done so already you will need to place your personal domain information into iWeb(this is done in iWebs File > Set Up Personal Domain). then you can get started below.

  • Head to GoDaddy.com and log in.
  • Click on my domain names.
  • Click the link for your domain.
  • Click on Total DNS Control and MX Records
  • Click on the little pencil to the right of your “www” cname.
  • Change “@” to “web.mac.com”
  • Click OK.

When you have finished this anyone who types www.yourdomain.com they will get what you have hosted at you .Mac account.

if you want to make it so your users can skip the www part and just type yourdomain.com onto the address bar do these steps as well.

  • Navigate to “Total DNS Control and MX Records”
  • Make sure that you are on the forwarding tab of the Menu.
  • Select enable and type in your entire domain name that is being forwarded, in this case it would be http://www.yourdomainname.com.
  • Wait an hour (www.GoDaddy.com says it can take an hour or so for the servers to make all the changes)

If you are trying to find out how to host multiple domains with .Mac then you need this article. Use MobileMe (.Mac) To Host Multiple Domains


  1. Davtech


    i was looking for a guide, ive had a quite a headache about this, and i work in IT, so being someone who manages DNS servers manually and not being able to find what i want in a web gui was quite fustrating.

    i even had to change registrar from melbourneit.com.au to godaddy, simply because melbourneit didnt have that functionality via a web interface. how barbaric.

  2. pat ward

    Thanks for the advice.

    Now I’m having trouble setting up an email account with GoDaddy so I can get emails to “xxxxx@theorchardoxford.net” (my domain name). Have you figured out any way to remedy this?

  3. Matt

    @ pat ward the e-mail set up with godaddy is completly different from the domain area. After you log in Head over to the e-mail area and select My E-mail. From there yo will be able to configure your e-mail address if you have any e-mail credits.

  4. Sue

    Fantastic! Exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks for posting!

  5. James

    It seems that you can only access the Total DNS controls if you host the domain at GoDaddy.

    Is there a way to change the CNAME on GoDaddy without buying a hosting account first?

  6. Matt

    I too am having an issue with regards to my email setup through GoDaddy and .mac. I have my site hosted on .mac, but my email accounts will not work. I emailed GoDaddy and they said I needed to change the MX records on .mac, however, we don’t have access to these. Any suggestions??

  7. Tom

    Very useful entry, this CNAME thing is some thing I gave up on months ago.

    I still have following issue:
    I have 2 registered domain names (with Go Daddy), Forwarding and masking is set up, and works fine. Except for the fwd/masking seriously affects search engine results.
    With the hosting/fwd solution above, I was told, results with search engines should improve.

    Now, here is the snag: .mac only allows to point at one domain name.
    How can I set up on .mac account and iWeb, that my 2 domain names each point to the correct .mac hosted sites ?

    Thanks fr reply


  8. David

    I am also having a problem because I have 2 registered domain names and want to point both with different .mac sites. I hope Apple fixes it so that we can setup more than one domain.

  9. Gordon Rouston

    I have two domain names, one up with server, want to redesign it, selling my book and speaking on alcoholism and addiction, want to design site in I web put it out on web, buy now with pay pay pal is this possible? I have contacted several web site design companies and they want so much to redesign the site, I really think I can do it. Any ideas or suggestion or companies that are reasonable and know what they are doing. Any with ecommerce?

  10. Kevan Kjar

    David, if I understand your dilemma correctly, you can use iWeb to manage more than one domain. Email me and I’ll explain more.

  11. Tyler

    In the same boat as Tom and David – two domains and no way to have iWeb point to both.

  12. Bill

    Sorry, I don’t understand. I too have a domain name registered @ Go Daddy.

    What is the difference between Domain Forwarding & the above(setting up a cname)?

    I’ve completed the steps above but I don’t see any difference in my url.
    curently if I go to djkillbill.com, I get redirected to http://web.mac.com/bill.kitau/djkillbill.com/enter

    I thought this process would eliminate the long url & leave it as http://djkillbill.com/enter

  13. Bill

    I forgot the .html @the end of each url.

  14. Bill

    Do I need to disable domain forwarding.

  15. Ryan

    thank you so much for this help. much easier than godaddy’s help and .mac’s explaination

  16. Lester

    I’m totally feeling everyone’s questions. I have 4 domains, I ended up adding the family pack to my .Mac account ($80 ) more. This allowed me to set up sub-accounts and one new personal domain for every sub-account–Max 4- 5 total. But here’s my problem, friends from all over are typing in mydomain.com and not http://www.mydomain.com, so they are getting to some strange page inside of apple.com. So I called godaddy.com and they claim that because the domain is forwarding to web.mac.com that it will not come up unless people type www first and that there will be trouble getting search engines to pick up my domain info…so here I am sitting on the fence…Do I stay with .Mac or do I switch to the much cheaper godaddy hosting and get more google traffic?? Somebody who really knows Please drop the truth on me.

  17. JB

    Lester, here is your simple fix. it works great. change your a record in godaddy to point to 9 (web.mac.com ip address). This worked like a charm for me. Good luck.

  18. JB


    don’t use the 9 was meant to be a (

  19. Dave

    If you were able to answer the question to David, would you forward your response to me? I have 2 domains and use IWeb to create. I currently use Godaddy to host but am thinking of switching to .Mac. If I switch, how do I get .mac to work with two domains?

  20. DC

    **if you want to make it so your users can skip the www part and just type yourdomain.com onto the address bar do these steps as well.
    Navigate to “Total DNS Control and MX Records”
    Make sure that you are on the forwarding tab of the Menu.
    Select enable and type in your entire domain name that is being forwarded, in this case it would be http://www.yourdomainname.com.**

    My menu doesn’t have a forwarding tab. Am I missing something?

  21. matt

    Mine doesn’t have a forwarding tab also. What are you talking about?

  22. Elliot

    Same as Matt and DC, I don’t have a forward tab…

  23. Grace

    Where have you been all my life? I have been up for hours and days trying to figure out the godaddy .mac web site situation. I’m new to this but I’m pretty smart and their explanations totally suck. Thank you soooooo much. A kiss and a big hug! I’m delirious at this point.

  24. Jessica Garrett

    Me too. I’m trying to different pieces of my .Mac web pages to point to different domain names. Can you forward the explanation to me too!

  25. Jessica Garrett

    Me too. I’m trying to get two different domain names to point to two different pieces of my .Mac web pages. Can you forward the explanation to me too!

  26. Matt

    I am currently writing a new guide and most of this will be addressed in it. I am just waiting for Mobile Me to come out to make sure that everything will be correct. Check in about July 12th (or after Mobile Me goes Live) and i’ll have the updated post linked in the page

  27. abbie

    I am also trying to set up my iweb so I can build two separate websites on two separate domains and I can’t figure it out. Can you forward me the explanation for this?? Thank you so much!!!! Thesmartchick@mac.com

  28. carrie jacobson

    Thank you thank you thank you. I traveled across the country recently, painting landscapes. I set up a blog on my website, and about 3/4 of the time, it would not load to godaddy. I’d given the .com address to everyone, put it on postcards and business cards… I was frustrated beyond belief, and the godaddy people simply could not help me. But you have! Thank you so very much.

  29. brian

    does your godaddy domain and your iweb account name have to be the same?

  30. Kwesi Amoa

    Thank you for the help. I spoke to two godaddy reps and they both were wrong. I spend two days waiting and this only took ten minutes. Incredible.


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