Hide All Windows Execpt The One You Want To Work On

If you are the type of user who opens lots of windows in one space and they start stacking on top of each other (like the picture below)then this tip is for you.

Messy Screen

There are a few ways you can get to any of the open windows. You could just start scrolling through them like we showed you about in this article (Switch Between All Open Windows), or you could use expose. For me the best way to start working in the window I want is to use the Option + Command and click right on the window I want to work in. The major benefit to this method is the it will drop all other windows to the back automatically. Just like you see in the picture below.

Clean Screen

Now you may ask where did all my windows go when this happens, don’t worry they were just hid. Use you Command + Tab to get tot he application you are wanting to get to.

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