Have TextEdit Auto-Save

This may be something everyone who is an avid TextEdit user already knows but it is new to me and I have not seen it anywhere on the mac web sites. Go to TextEdit’s preferences and select the Open and Save side of the dialog box about 1/4 of the way down you will see the preference to have the files autosaved every so often well for me i am going to pick every 30 seconds. Give this a shot and let me now how it works for you.

TextEdit autosave.png


  1. theremind

    I don.t seem to have this option in my text edit. I have Version 1.4.

  2. just me

    I have, and always have had, these settings, but for some reason, a totally unsaved (for example, it was called “untitled 2”) TextEdit document disappeared when I opened up my laptop this morning. I don’t remember quitting and saying “don’t save” at any point, though it’s possible. Is there anyway it auto-saved to a weird spot? (I checked “open> recent”- no luck.)

  3. RoTimi Waddy

    Thanks for this quick writeup. I also never knew that this feature was added to TextEdit, until I lost a document and began searching online for a free, basic mac text editor so that it wouldn’t happen to me again on docs I may have simply forgotten to manually save! Thanks and straight to the point! Me likey 🙂

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