First Apple Store in South Carolina to be in Charleston

200803111425.jpg Being an Apple lover that lives in the Upstate of South Carolina I am happy and sad all at the same time to hear that the first apple store will be going up on King Street in Charlest

I am happy because that means Apple has really looked at our area. Sad because they picked a location that is 3 and a half hours away. I live in Greenville SC which is at the opposite end of the state. Here is Greenville we only have one place that is selling Macs to us locally and that is a in shop called iPlace on Pelham Road. They are more of a repair shop than a sales store so they have a limited on hand stock. With the closing of CompUSA, I will have to Drive to Charlotte or Atlanta (which has 3 stores) to get the latest and greatest Apple releases.



  1. Haskins

    Matt, I believe the iPlace store closed down. I drove by it 2 weeks ago and it looked empty. No worries though, I have read from a few sources that the Magnolia Park Town Center (to be built on the old Greenville mall site) will have an Apple store.

    Magnolia is still far from being completed, so it will be a while (I have heard Summer or Fall of ’09).


  2. Steven

    I saw a document last year that had the Apple store moving in to the Magnolia center late in 2008. It is not probably going to be on time since the whole development is behind schedule.

    But the great thing is that there will eventually be an Apple store here. I hope Apple is not as sensitive to the “recession” and will keep the store on schedule.

  3. Jerry

    Good news!! Apple is coming back to Greenville and much earlier than you think…. I was told by a couple of Best Buy employees that they are getting an Apple Shop sometime in May!! I’ve been to one of the in-store Apple shops @ BB – they are really cool and is just like walking into an Apple store…. can’t wait!! I hate having to drive to Charlotte all the time…..

  4. Matt

    You are right Best buy will be doing the rest of the store on the night of May 27th. This information is from one of the store managers here in Greenville. I will be in line on May 28th to see what they have done to make it like shopping at an Apple Store.

  5. Charlestonian

    Be happy with your Best buy instore shop because Greenville’s too lame for a full Apple store.

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