Use the Find command in Safari with out typing the CMD+F First

I am a firm believer in using Safari on my mac. When I had my windows computer I used Firefox and there is one thing I really miss.   The feature is hard to describe in text but here is my best attempt. In Firefox when you are on a webpage and you are looking for a word or sentence  you just start typing and the “”Find” bar comes up and you can see the results as you type in more info. By default in Safari you have to type the keyboard shortcut “Command+F” or go to the “Edit” menu and scroll down to the find item and then you get the Find bar at the top of the screen. It seems by the time I do all that I could have found the item myself.

The fix for this is a safari plug-in, Glims. Now Gilms does much more than the Type-ahead support we are talking about here. In fact the list is so long that I am just going to link to the page and let Mac Hang Out give you the run down. To enable what I call the “Find as you type” feature  you need to download and install Glims from Link). After you run the installer I suggest you restart Safari then go to the Preferences menu under the Safari menu. Select the Glims item at the end of the row. You may have to expand the Preferences window to the the Glims menus. The setting we are looking for is on the General tab under the area “Browser Window.” Now turn on the “Auto select browser search banner(type-ahead support).” Now when you want to search a page for something just start typing your term.

*Disclaimer – if the page you are on has fill in areas selected this will not work. You will just start typing in the forms.

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