E-mailing Pages Documents To Windows Users

I received an e-mail form Kathryn asking why people were not able to open attachments to her e-mails. After I asked her  A bit more about what was going on, I concluded she was sending .pages documents to people who were either on mac without pages or worse on a windows computer(poor people). What Isuggested to here was to either save the Pages file as a .pdf or save a Word Document Copy.

If you are not sure how to save as a .doc file then this is for you. It is really simple. Open the save dialog (Command + S). If your save box does not look like the one below then all you need to do is click  on the Box just to the right of the file name. It looks like a down arrow.  Go thought all the steps of saving the document as you normally would, but just before to click “Save” check the box next to “Save copy as:”  make sure Word Document  is selected and you are good to go.


  1. Anonymous User

    Does mac have spelling and grammar checking?

  2. Anonymous User

    Hiya, I learning english for first time, too. You learnded inglish too no? I likie what you doing here.

  3. Al

    Yes, it does, and much better than anything you may have seen on windows machines.

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