Do You Speak Portuguese

Do you need more room on your hard drive?
Do you need to have every language under the sun saved on your mac?

Well i do need more room and don’t want to know have any other language, other than English, on my mac.

There is an application that is open source and free that can help you to get this done. Its called Monolingual. It will give you a GUI that helps you removing the languages that you don’t need. When you download and run the program (there is no need to install) it will select the most unused for you, I went ahead and removed some more that i would not need. When i ran it for the first time it removed just over 2 gigs worth.
There are some other feature in this application but i am not sure as a New Mac User if i would get to involved.

Check out their source-forge page and read the documentation.

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