Did The New Spotlight Replace Quicksilver?

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I did a reinstall of my Leopard system this week and found out the the spotlight feature got a lot smarter. I must say I found this by mistake, but out of habit I hit my keys to envoke quicksilver and it was not there. I had mapped “Command + Space” in my old install and wanted to open a program. When i hit the keys, to my surprise, Spotlight opened. Before i noticed what had happened I started typing just like i would have in Quicksilver. Well right there at the top was the application i wanted. This sparked my interest. I knew that spotlight could do math from a prior post I had. The next thing that popped into my head is well what do i need quicksilver for? I am not an advanced user of quicksilver, I don’t use it to enter ical tasks or appointments , se it to make mouse gestures, or really any of the advanced features of quicksilver. I use it as a basic text based application launcher. Well if Spotlight now does that, and quite well i may add, why take up more of my hard drive with Quicksilver. Now quicksilver is poised to make a strong comeback in the next few months as it has gone open source, but I see many of the Quicksilver users sticking with the new Spotlight.

Just take a look at the customization that spotlight gives you. I opened the preference pane and took a look around you can tell spotlight what type of items are more important and you want displayed closer to the top. you can change the key stroke that envokes spotlight if you want. there is even a window that lets you tell spotlight not to search certain locations.For the basic and average user spotlight will do the job of quicksilver. For those of you who are real advanced users of Quicksilver, spotlight may not be quite enough. But I urge you to give it a shot. I did and have fallen in love!


  1. François

    I agree with you !

  2. Plat4m

    Quicksilver is getting the kick. Apple’s spotlight is way fast and it does its job. It too tackes you’re favorites and emails! An why have and third party app, when everything you need already is build-in ?

    I must say I was extremely happy with QuickSilver, until I too realised the new improwed Spotlight.

  3. Jens

    If you use Quicksilver as a pure kickstarter it’s true, kick it 😉
    Though: Quicksilver is able to do 1000 things more and 1000 times more clever than Spotlight!

    The kickstarting option in Quicklsilver is just the surface of the surface.

    Opening files in a certain application, mailing files without opening them, searching websites, inserting/using files/websites contents in an other file/application, deleting/moving files,…

    Spotlight is a plain old screw driver, Quicksilver is a Leatherman multi-tool.

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