Create new documents on-the-fly with Document Palette

Create new documents directly in open folders.

Document Palette runs in the background and allows you to create new documents in the current folder. With a folder active in Finder, press Control+Option+Command+N to make the palette appear, then select the document type you wish to create.

Or you could use quick Silver to get this running it does take a bit of set up to use quicksilver. Take a look at what I found to make this work in quicksilver.

Configure your templates.
Create a new folder in ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/ called “Templates.” There, save a bunch of new file templates, like an empty text file, an empty Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, whatever you need. These documents don’t have to be blank; for example, an HTML document template could contain the skeleton tags in it.

Once that’s done, to create new files in Quicksilver, invoke it, choose a directory your new file should live in, and use the “Make New..” Action. From there the object (shown in the third pane) will drop down the list of configured template choices.

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