Create easy screen-sharing shortcuts

Over at, Rob Griffiths, has put together a nice tutorial on how to set up some shortcuts to get to your shared screens on other Macs on the network.


From the article
“You can create a shortcut to any screen sharing with any machine on your network by using your Web browser, and a special URL. The URL takes the form of vnc://address.of.machine, and address.of.machine can be either a raw IP address (i.e. or that Mac’s Bonjour name, which is typically whatever you named the machine, followed by .local. I prefer to use the IP address, though, because that typically won’t change, whereas you may rename your Macs on occasion.

Once you’ve typed the above address into the URL bar in your browser, do not press Return. Instead, select the text you’ve just typed, click-and-hold the mouse over the selection, wait a second or so, then drag it to your desktop and drop it. This will create a “.vncloc” file on your desktop. Double-click that, and Screen Sharing will launch, and connect to the specified machine. Repeat this procedure to create fast-access shortcuts for each of your machines. (I tested this in both Safari and Firefox, but I’m not sure if it works with other browsers.)”


To read the full article click here

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