Change The Times Assocoated with A File

Have you ever needed to change the time a file was created or last accessed? I know that I have had to make a file look like it was created last week so i could tell the boss I had been working on it when i really had not. Over at the Macenstine weblog they go through a really involved process to explain how to achieve this.

Step 1: Set your clock to the time you SHOULD have made the file.

Step 2: Use Terminal to set the date of your file to the new, wrong, “current” date and time.

From Macenstine

There is a better way as long as you are not terrified of the terminal.

Go to your utilities folder and open Terminal and navigate to the folder that the file is in. Once you are in the correct Directory then type “touch -mat YYMMDDHHMM [filename]” (with out the “‘s)

If you want to do a batch, create a folder with all of the files you want to change, navigate into that folder and type:

touch -mat YYMMDDHHMM *

If you don’t want to change date last accessed, remove the a, or the m if you don’t want to change date last modified.

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