Mac 101: A simple trick to rename files


There are many ways to rename files in OS X but most people use one of two approaches: either click-pause-click or click-return. And if you're used to using one style, the other style can prove a welcome surprise for your Mac-fu arsenal. In click-pause-click, you move your cursor to a file or folder, select it, wait a second and then click again. A text edit field appears over the name and you can rename the file as desired. This is the renaming style I've most used over the years but there's a far easier way, and that's click-return. In click-return, you select a file or folder [...]


Every New Mac User should be ready to try some new applications to make life easier. Quicksilver is where you really need to start. On the front end it is a Launcher application. There is yet be be anything to compare on the windows side and it would be an insult to the program to try. As you get into Quicksilver you will see that it can do so so so much more than launch applications. You can add calendar events, todo's, and many many more things. Over at the lifehacker blog today Adam has put together a great set of videos to show you how to get into the Quicksilver life style.

Lifehacker [...]