Clear the Finder’s “Open With” Menu

Over at the Mac Apper Weblog, Ben Miller has put together a nice tip to help limit the size of your “Open With” Menu.A problem I have had recently is one just small enough to get under the skin. Have you ever right-clicked and selected “Open With” on an image to open it with your favorite editor only to be bombarded with a list of applications you thought you removed ages ago?... The next time you right-click on an item and select “Open With” in the Finder, only current applications will be listed.

Remove or modify alias arrows

You can use an alias to, for instance, collect all files for a given client (Client XYZ) in one folder, even if your typical filing system is by project and not by client—just make an alias to each of the client’s files (using File -> New Alias or via Command-L), then drag each alias into a new “Client XYZ” folder.When you create an alias in OS X (File -> New Alias or Command-L), the alias’ icon displays with a small black arrow in the lower left hand corner.... For those who would like to get rid of the arrows, it’s surprisingly easy.Remove the alias badge completelyOpen [...]

Lose Control to Gain Command (Tip #2)

How Do I Change a File Name On my Windows machine to rename files I would click “Rename this file” in the File Tasks menu or right click on the file name and select “Rename”. On your Mac, click on any file (or folder) name, then click it again to display the name in a text box. Rename the item as you like by typing over the text.

Lose Control to Gain Command (Tip #1)

It is Called Lose Control to Gain Command. It will be a very short tip for windows users who are just starting on the Mac and have the Questions I did this on my windows computer how do I do it on the Mac.For our First Tip How do I Close an Application?On windows I juct clicked on the “X” in the left cornor and the application was closed. On Your mac to close the application you will either use the Application Menu (This is the area just to the left of the apple logo on the top right of the menu bar where you will see the name of the application) Click on the Application Menu and select [...]

Have you ever wanted to have an ⌘ (Command Key) in you text?

The first thing you need to do is make sure you are using the “Unicode Hex Input” Keyboard layout.Open System Preferences.Got to the “International” area and slect the “Imput Menu” tab.Scroll down to the bottom of the different keyboard layouts. You will see several different languages here.Click on the box to the left of Unicode Hex Input.Now just under the keyboard selection area is the Imput menu shortcuts need to make sure that the shorcuts will work.... If you don't skip down to the next area.Click the Keyboard Shortcuts button.Scroll down to the Imput Menu and [...]

What Color is That Site Using?

Have you ever been on a web site and seen a color that you might want to use for your site or other publication?... When you open the program it will dispaly a small box, that is a zoomed in view, and the RBG As Percentage. To get the Hex Codes drop down the box just above the RGB boxes and select RGB As Hex Value, 8-bit.

How Can I Tell if an Application is Intel, Power PC, or Universal

He describes how to use the System Profiler to check your applications to check the binary type.... Click the Apple logo on the top right in the menu bar.Open "About this Mac" .You will need to select the More Info... button, this will open System Profiler.Move down to the Software section and make sure that the area is expanded.Select Applications - this will show you all the applications on your machineTo see which binary they are sort by the kind column and there you go you can see if anything needs to be updated.

Is Your White Mac Turning Black?

I would stick with a white eraser the standard pink or many other colors out there i would think could turn the color to the color of the eraser. A few of the commenters say that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser real well.There is one other option.... To find out if your white laptop is one of the items that will be replace make an appointment with an Apple Genius or locate an Apple Authorized Service Provider.